ATL Safety Ltd is the leading asbestos consultancy service provider for the Asbestos Removal Industry, Construction Industry and Client Organisations.

Our experienced team of consultants are there to assist all clients from Local Authorities, Housing Associations, Construction Trades and Asbestos Removal Contractors, providing a consultancy role including training to auditing and assisting with legislative requirements.

With over 15 years experience within the asbestos industry we can advise on Asbestos Management, Asbestos Removal and Asbestos Training to ensure compliance with the Control of Asbestos Regulations 2012.

As a UKATA Approved Training Provider for Category A, Category B and Category C, we can offer the full range of asbestos training from basic asbestos awareness to Licensed Asbestos Removal Operative and Management training.

ATL Safety Ltd are not affiliated or linked to any asbestos removal trade association or group, enabling us to provide you with a service unaffected by any underlying conflict of interests, making ATL Safety Ltd independent, and impartial.

Our ethos is simple...'consult the client, find out what they require and provide a tailored solution that is effective, clear, efficient and on time'.

Awareness Training At Your Convenience
All of our awareness courses can be completed:
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  • Nationwide coverage

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Asbestos: The Facts
What is Asbestos?
A natural mineral found in rock in various countries around the world.
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Why was Asbestos used so much?
It provided a cheap and extremely versatile building material offering many different uses.
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Why is Asbestos still a problem?
Although it’s use was fully banned by the end of 1999 in the UK much Asbestos still remains in buildings both commercial and domestic.
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Can Asbestos remain in a building?
Yes, where the Asbestos Containing Materials are in very good condition and will not be disturbed then they are not a problem, but in almost all circumstances the asbestos will still need to be managed.
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Why is Asbestos a health risk?
If breathed in, can cause serious lung diseases, including cancers. The effect on health is not instant but takes years to show itself-usually when exposure has been regular or occupational. According to HSE figures it can be 15 to 60 years before any signs are noticed and every case is different. It is not a case of one fibre kills but a cumulative build up over time, how much exposure and the individual’s susceptibility to the diseases.
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Is Asbestos Awareness Training a legal requirement?
Yes, Asbestos Awareness if the minimum training required by law for ALL employees who may come across asbestos in the course of their daily work activities, with further training required if work it to be carried out with asbestos. Self- employed persons MUST also make sure their training is compliant and up to date.
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Is Asbestos Management a legal requirement?
Yes, all premises save that of the inside of a domestic dwelling must have an asbestos management plan and be checked regularly according to the plan, this also applies to communal areas of domestic premises. Internally, a home-owner or resident in rented property will expect to rely on any trades carrying out works being fully trained by their employer and compliant with current legislation.
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