Licensed Contractor Consultancy

Policy & Procedures

Licensed Asbestos Removal Contractor

For many years the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) requires licensed contractors to have in place up to date standard operating procedures (SOP), which should contain all of the generic and common details relating to the removal and disposal of asbestos containing materials.

The SOP will include all standard procedures for that licence holder and will be reviewed by their local Asbestos Licensing Principal Inspector (ALPI), failure to maintain this document and ensure it is kept compliant with changes issued by the HSE can lead to notices and possible prosecutions from the HSE. ATL Safety Ltd can assist the licenced contractor to ensure compliance with this is maintained. With over 15 years’ experience in these matters we are best placed to advise and assist where necessary.

We currently provide this service to just under 10% of the asbestos removal contractors and as a UK Asbestos Training Association Approved Training Provider for Category C (Licensed Contractor Training) we are best placed to offer a full package to the small and large licensed removal contractor.

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License Application

Applying for a licence to work with asbestos…???

Not sure what is required…???

We can help..!!!!

ATL Safety Ltd with over 15 years experience dealing with Licensed Removal Contractors and the Health and Safety Executive, we have the experience and knowledge to guide you through the steps from inception to application. Applying for an asbestos licence is an expensive, time consuming and sometimes challenging process, from first contact we will advise if you should, as there are no guarantees and we wouldn’t want any client to pay out huge sums only to be back at square one….there could be alternatives which we can advise you on!!!.

We can also deliver your training, as one of less than 15 independent UKATA Category C Training Providers within the UK, you can be assured of the best training to provide you with that all important information in readiness for your licence application. With UKATA generated industry standard certification, accepted by the HSE and major clients, that’s one hurdle over.

We can provide you with the correct policy and procedures and plan of work system to ensure full compliance on site.

We can also put you in touch with the right suppliers of equipment and RPE.

We will advise you every step of the way, and provide you with everything that you will need to ensure your application runs smoothly.

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The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) over recent years has requested more management control of site activities by employers. This can involve in house audits by safety advisors, contracts managers and directors, and will also involve independent audits.

With over 15 years experience dealing with Licensed Removal Contractors and the Health and Safety Executive, ATL Safety Ltd have the experience and knowledge to undertake office and site audits.


With no hidden costs we will provide you with a fixed price quotation (this will vary upon location, date and time of audit), a full written report for your records with findings and recommendations that will require auctioning by the employer. This will include a full review of the site documentation, plan of work and personnel records on site. We will carry out a full on site inspection of the work area, airlocks, transit route, decontamination unit, waste routes etc. and provide colour photographs of findings, again with recommendations.


Licensed Removal Contractors are often drawn into the site set up and site audit (as the HSE may visit), however they sometimes forget the importance of the office back up and record keeping requirements. Sometimes leaving this until the last minute before the HSE carry out the renewal interview, can lead to stressful times and frustration. ATL Safety Ltd have developed an annual office audit process for Removal Contractors, to ensure that records are kept and up to date, eliminating that three year trawl back through the records. This would include an annual office meeting to check the records and site files are up to date and compliant with what the inspector would like to see. On completion and full verbal, supported by a written report, will be provided so that you know where you are and what changes, if any, would need to be implemented.

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