Face Fit Testing Advice

Why carry out a face fit test?

The purpose of a face fit test is to establish that a given respirator fits the candidate and gives the best possible protection against any external pollutants, whilst being worn, such as asbestos.

What do you have to do?

To be suitable for us to undertake a face fit test, you will be required to ensure the following:

  • The test that will be undertaken will be on the Sundstrom SR100 half mask, these are also available to purchase at the time of the training.
  • The candidate must be clean shaven on the day of test and at any time the respirator is required for protection, as facial hair, stubble or long side burns will prevent the respirator from sealing around the candidates face.
  • The candidate should refrain from smoking for at least an hour prior to the test being carried out.
  • The candidate should make the tester aware, prior to the test being carried out, of any medical conditions that may affect their results e.g asthmatic, cold and cough symptoms.
  • No hot or spicy food, or strong coffee, should be consumed in the two hours prior to the test being carried out, as this can affect the results achieved.
  • Spectacles can be a problem when trying to achieve the best possible fit for the mask, so a delegate should wear contact lenses if available.
  • All candidates should remove any piercings that may affect the fit of the mask and no makeup should be worn at the time of testing, as this can prevent the best fit for the mask being achieved.

What is the test?

The face fit test that will be undertaken will be the “Quantitative Face Fit Test”, this involves the wearer carrying out as series of head and body movements while undertaking the test, while a particulate counting machine monitors any leakage through the respirator seal.

Will I get a certificate?

Yes a face fit test certificate will be issued with the test details to demonstrate the respirators fits you.