Retained Services

ATL Safety Ltd are established consultants when it comes to asbestos matters. With over 40 years combined experience with senior personnel, we have assisted many licences contractors on various matters pertaining to their licence application, renewal and compliance issues. In addition to the quality training that ATL Safety offers, we can assist new applicants to the licensing regime from removal contractors to scaffolders who wish to apply for their licence. As many find the licence application daunting, we can take that concern and provide the necessary support, assistance and documentation that is required for a successful application.

We also offer a retained service for licence holders, where they can call upon our expertise when matters arise that they need a quick response with an accurate resolve to their issues. This is further supported by acting as your designated asbestos consultant to ensure you have that support band can demonstrate that to the HSE.

In addition to the application and retained services, we also offer a thorough auditing service of the asbestos business, whether this is an on site external audit or an office audit at the renewal stage, we can provide the expertise to ensure your continued compliance as an asbestos licence holder.

Please feel free to contact the office for more information.